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Apr 21 - 10:37:43
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43
Today the weather is sunny and warm with 15 degrase celsius and a wind about 20 knots.
Later on the wind will go up to around 30 knots and it will be a little cloudly.
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It is not too warm but also not too cold. But it is very humid. I don't generally love extreme weather but If I have to absolutely bear it I would prefer summer weather over winter.

I just hope it rains here soon so we all get a little relief.

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I cannot complain one bit about my weather.   It is September and there have been times my furnace has needed to be kicked on. So far not yet.  I could live with this weather year round and forget these 4 seasons. 

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Very glad the summers heat now is over and we slowly move over to autumn with much lesser heat.

Now we can breath and be a better shape daily.
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Damn it has been two beautiful days of sun and warm but since tomorrow it should get a lot colder sadly. It was the warmest summer so far in my entire life.. so it means only one thing, climate is changing :/

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The weather here is fine. It's 8pm and the temperature is 68 degrees. I live in the north east of America so, it isn't that bad until winter. Then it gets a little cold. I hate shoveling snow, but it's better than roasting in the summer.

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It's been a blah day grey skies and rainy and a slight chill in the air, I made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, it was the perfect meal on such a gloomy and dreary day.

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It's a bit cloudy now.

Heavy rain last night at work and sun most of the day.

Normal temperatures for the season.

It's autumn with some summer moments.

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The weather today in Aust, has been sunny then cold tonight meant to nice on sunny tommorrow though we need some nice weather we had a very cold winter

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Rainy but the temperature is fine. Not too cold nor too hot and if lucky we have days with only sun. Another plus is that the summer harvest has arrived and veggies and fruits are cheap again.

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Not too hot or cold.

Most of the day we had sun, about 25 degrees C.

Now it's about 17 degrees C.

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Temp is comfortable. It's overcasted here but that's fine with me, I have no plans to do life outside of my home today. Besides, after a very dry summer we do need that rain! Let it pour! 

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Rainy again. Heard this whole moth will be like that... so mehh

I really prefer a hotter weather since it's horrible to wake up early when cold.

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Getting rainy today and the weekend. Just when we planned a weekend out camping with the kids.
Instead of sunny campfire it will be marshmallow with umbrella time.
Ah well still time off with the family i guess :)

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Today its very windy and a cold wind, the sun is up but also some clouds.
They say its 14 degrase but it feels lik its only 6 -7 degrase
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It wasnt very nice today.. very little sun and a lot more wind and rain. Which sucks. I want more sun god damn it lol

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It's sunny and not hot and not humid and there's a cool breeze. So fall is almost here.... But a few days ago we were fucked. 

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Weather is awesome here.  Can't ask for better September weather.  Warm, sunny but not too hot.  Nights are cool and real nice for backyard campfire.  Could deal with this all year long :) 

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rainy mostly nowadays

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Well the UK Is all about breaking records this year it seems. Right now the taskbar is telling me we're having a record low for *checks clock* 5:45AM today. Oh now its updated to 49F and cloudy. How can you tell, desktop app? Is it because you use windows? HA ha ha ha Im dead inside. 

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