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Jun 21 - 02:20:07
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

The weather today was pretty ok at first. But it got quite chilly really fast in the afternoon. Windy as well.
Summer is almost over I suppose. Too bad. gonna miss it soon.

Gotta wait till next year :(

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Weather is pretty good to be honest.

Warmed and sunny, wonderful to enjoy outside with the family.

Hope it keeps as that by a long time since i hate when cold or raining.

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It's half past eight a.m and it looks like one more sunny day.

August is almost gone and it's obvious that temperature has gone down.

It's normal here this season.

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Quite good, threatening us to rain everyday, but not stopping us from hiking in several different places
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Very muggy lol
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The weather here has seemed to finally cool off!  We had weeks and weeks worth of 100 plus this year, so it is a nice change of pace being in the low 90's and high 80's.  It has been very nice!  

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It rained off and on for a week.
Now it's back up to 90 and bugs are everywhere....mainly on my truck window..
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It‘s raining today and has cooled down a lot. Probably this year‘s heat peak is „passé“ - hopefully.
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Cloudy but still a nice 24 degrees.
Could do with a little bit of rain though. Trees are letting their leafs go.
Overall to warm to work lol

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The weather is great. After all the heat of last weeks, we finally getting some rain. I hope it is enough to keep the nature good and green again. 

My garden is recovering again from last rains.

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It has been raining all night. And it's gonna be raining all day. Also, it is dark again at 5.30 am. End of summer is here.... :(

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Raining here in the south of England might be the same now where in September
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Been pretty hot lately but we're supposed to get rain for the weekend just as I'm about to leave the city.

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It is hot, and sweaty. But I am very sure it will be cold soon.

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It has been cooling down, but the humidity is still high. It rained a lot this week tho so that's why. 

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It's not good but not bad either. Almost no rain in the month on rain and very humid.

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The weather is more stable now. Temperature is back to normal for these days of the year and there is some rain falling down. My garden is happy too.

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Weather here in South Florida doesn’t change much, lol. Sunny, hot, high 88F, chance of rain. Rinse, repeat, lol.

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As I said earlier temperature is back to normal. Only we had some severe rain last days, which is good for my garden.

And luckily a lot only fell during the night.

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After a week I am finally able to see the sun today and it's warm, which both seem strange after a week of rain, storms, wind and hail. However the sun and warmth isn't going to last because as of Monday we're supposed to be right back to wet, miserable and cold. Lovely!

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