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Sep 30 - 22:27:42
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

finally have a day of sunshine here, its pretty cold but better than the rain we have been having. Can not get too excited dread rain is forecast for all over the weekend.

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It’s pouring right now, has been all day. Shouldn’t complain cause we really need the rain but this is a lot of water.
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the type of weather that makes you wanna smack somebody. 

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Well, it suddenly got cold, so I've had to get out my warmer clothing.... But it's relatively pleasant and not too windy. 

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Well after a week and a half at minus 25 we are back to more mild fall weather of 0 to plus 4c.
And no that is nice.
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weather is total rubbish this week, same as last week. Its pouring like hell, its like fucking U.K, only that its not for fuck sake lol so yeah, winter is behind the corner, supposed to arrive this weekend or so, lets see. P.S i dont have winter tyres yet lol

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It is currently snowing, windy and cold here. Needless to say, I am hibernating for the rest of the evening before a road trip into snow tomorrow. While I love snow, I hate to drive a distance from home in it. Lets see if it is called off again as it was tody.

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Its been windy and cold here in MD for the past few days. Its turning all winter like. But but next week we are going back to sunny 50s which is ideal

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today the weather is cold and windy, it looks like it will start to snow later on.

Its 0,5 degres but with the wind it feels like its -4 degres 

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Pretty much fine, cold but dry so thats a plus.
Hopefully it will stay like this for the weekend so we can go outside and plan something nice.

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Its very cold outside which I guess is to be expected given the time of year and everything. Really just hoping for no rain or anything. That would be bad. 

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Describing the weather as long as possible for hustle. Its wet winter here. Temperature is around 16°c -18°c currently been raining for hours
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Weather over in Romania right now, is 5 degrees colder than it usually should be this time of year, yesterday we had the first snow and melted away. Temperature is around 0 Celsius - 5 Celsius all day long.

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Finally starting to warm up a little bit. Not gonna lie, the last few weeks really has made me consider moving a bit more south. Cause this whole cold thing is a bunch of BS
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really really cold. 

too cold. 

and the real cold hasnt even kicked in yet. 

but its enough to make me miserable. 

not that it takes a lot. 

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The hustle grind keeps on. Today is warmer, a bit sunny, no snow and about 3-9 degrees Celsius. I miss summer :((

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It is a miserable cold and wet day here, approximately 9 degrees

The sun is forcasted to come out on Friday though fingers crossed


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We actually have sunshine! Much better than Monday's performance of nothing but rain for the entire day.

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It warmed up fortunately... But I'm sure it'll get cold as fuck again soon... For now I don't need to wear tons of layers at least. 

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A nice fall day.

A little bit of rain.
A little bit of snow.
A little bit of wind.
A little bit of sun.

All in all a nice day..... for a duck.
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