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Feb 26 - 16:42:17
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

weather.... it is.. a mere 72 here this evening in south Florida.  Light rain in the air.  Cool breeze blowing but thankfully No SNOW! 

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It's a barely-tolerable forty degrees Fahrenheit at the moment, but it's about to take a sharp turn downwards to shitville tomorrow.  We're expecting a winter storm with high winds and low temperatures.  Needless to say, I will not be leaving the house for any reason whatsover until Sunday, when I'm forced to do the Christmas thing.

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Sunny and a wonderful day without snow. No Christmas feelings here in northern Europe...
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Sunny day today after a few days of rain.
Really want it to get colder for a bit so we can go ice skating again.
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It was raining the whole week and it all melted down but since yesterday it got colder and its fucking slippery now.. like wtf.

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It's cold and winter.

Temperature almost 0 in early morning. During the day sun showed up, but it was no difference.

Too difficult the snow here, the climate has definetely changed.

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So. Last night the windows were shaking and I woke up to frozen water pipes at my sisters APARTMENT complex which is unusual for us lol. Also, it was 11 which is very very unusual.

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Definitely do not have to dream of a white Christmas, snow snow snow here. More to come. Nice temperatures around freezing too. Pretty good weather for Christmas

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It's very very cold, and I don't want to go outside at all. Hopefully it will warm up in the next few days... Not sure yet. 

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Well, not great.


we’ve gotten a couple feet of snow, it’s about -20 and the winds are retarded high.

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As the Christmas day comes into view we will be having a nice mild one.
No rain or snow and only around 0c all in all a decent one.
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One Christmas dinner is done, mother sent back home and today we will have time only for us. Another wonderful dinner and few presents.. hope you all had a nice holidays.

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The current temperature is 13 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an improvement from yesterday's 50 mph wind gusts and wind chills of negative 30

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Cold front looks to have passed, despite all the snow on the ground today it felt 40 or 50 outside which is warm for us Coloradans. Glad the front is over, -24 F a few days ago wasn’t very fun.

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Today is 22 degrees F with a few flurries.  I have been cooped up for 2 days straight with this sub zero crap we have been having.  -40 degrees wind chill is just a bit much and to top it off, lost power during all of it for 5 hours.  I sure have a great amount of compassion on homeless people and the cold they endure after just what I went thru.  It got down to 54 degrees in my house and it dropped real fast.  Thankful for those power guys.  

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Rainy wand warm here today. Snow is melting, roads are a mess, oh dear.

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We have such variable weather around here. 3 days ago it was minus 40c today we are sitting at plus 5c with a little wind. Snow turned into slush over night.
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Its a bit cold here this morning, and cloudy. But I don't think I can really complain too much about the weather given whats going on in the states currently. 

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We are finally out of the negative degree weather for the time being. Now it’s starting to rain which means it’s going to freeze. I hope everyone straps on their ice skates real well around here because driving won’t be a thing for a bit lol

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It started to melt again for fuck sake.. its been icing and melting like every darn week for now.. i dont get it. Whats wrong with the weather? Is it got broken? Climatechange? Well, we need to stop it.

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