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Mar 25 - 05:02:27
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

The weather here is dreary...its cloudy and rainy.  I just spent a week in the hospital and it was sunshiney and bright out the entire time!

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Its 24F outside and cloudy right now and I'm sat here with a cup of tea wondering if its going to get any warmer today or if I'm doomed to freeze to death.

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Shit its been snowing for couple of days now and fuck it does look beautiful. Its cold but its beautiful. The biggest problem is that all this snow makes driving a bit harsh, not too much but still. 

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Mostly cloudy weather with a relatively high chance of showers and thunderstorms.
Variable winds that range from 2 to 3 Beaufort.
Temperature up to 19 degrees Celcius.
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It's ok. Not too windy or cold, but it's definitely getting colder now into December... But we'll see how the season develops. 

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Okay, it has finally gotten cold. It's time to get out the warmer clothes and stuff. My feet are cold, and I want a hot cider. 

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Freaking cold out here and getting even colder the upcoming week.
Really hope we can go and skate on the frozen lakes in the end.
As long as it doenst start snowing…
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it is -2c outside and foggy. And this would normally be fine because I'd be staying inside, but I've agreed to go out for lunch and I have all sorts of regrets now. 

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We got a really serious warning from government meteorology about tomorrows extreme snow storm and strong winds. They say it will leave a lot of houses out of electricity etc. They also say that in the morning you can get to work but theres possible that in the evening it wont be the same case. :/

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Today the forcast is wind at 35 knots and rain, the wind is from north and it will be around 25 knots later today.
The temperature will stay around 3 degrees
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cold very cold. got stuck trying to get the bins out ion the drive sheet ice and a slope had to get some salt out 

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Sunny with a high of 18 degrees and a low of 12 degrees Celcius.

Moderate chance of precipitation, so I make sure to have an umbrella with me when going out.

Winds are light and variable, with gusts up to 4 Beaufort.

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The worst snow storm i've seen so far in my life. Fuck it took whole hour to get to home, whilst usually takes 30 mins. I dont know how many inches it came but a fuck ton for sure.

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After 2 days of heavy raining and strong winds, weather has calmed down.

It's obvious winter, but i like it.

Weather today was cloudy, a little sunny and too much humidity.

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I am at that stage where the garden is that stage of snow which has defrosted a bit, froze again, its about -2 here and after going out the garden, am back to the climb under the blanket stage

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Well, tonight has been cold and windy... I don't know how the weather will be in the upcoming days, but I'm expecting more of the same. 

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Lots of heavy rain and windy at the moment. This time of year my area is usually covered in a foot of snow so a little rain is a mild inconvenience. 

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Well my weather here is normally on the warmer side then everyone else's but it has dropped rather colder this year.. But today it's going to be sunny, but not warm sunny. Freezing is coming this weekend. But at least I can say I'm not getting any snow.. 

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Bloody freezing.
My testicles have wrenched themselves back in to my body.
I doubt I will ever see them again
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