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Sep 22 - 22:48:26
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

We got another somekind of stormy windy weather announcement yesterday so we should get a pretty nasty wind within few hours towards evening. Which i dont like at all.. without electricity sucks. But lets hope it wont get that far:/

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Sunny 87°degrees in Florida
Oct 3, 2022
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Wow, what an old thread that's still going. Right now, in the Midwest USA its starting to get cold at nights but we've had a couple days of sunny and cloudless skies with it not being too cold, so really I can't complain.

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It's pretty nippy outside though the current temperature in my house would make you think otherwise... I was in for a nice surprise when I went out earlier. Not time for heat yet though

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Its alright. Gonna get a sunny day with 19/20c. Not to bad.
Mornings are a bit cold and foggy. If we are lucky we're keeping it like this for the rest of the week :)

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The weather is warm but its aboslutely chucking it down,

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Weather is up and down at the moment. Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit. As an Italian once said. We press on toward the coming dark and long cold of another winter. Dark days and joyless nights. It's such an exciting time of year.

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my daily weather is like 40c or 104º, sunny as fuck, but at least the air is dry, which helps with the sweating, it doesnt feel too hot id say. Thank god we have a small city near us with amazing waterfalls, so most of the weekends its pretty cheap and easy to visit it and take a good old river bath :)

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It has been quite some nice days last week. This week is starting with rain, but the forecast says its going to be nice coming days. Cross my fingers.

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The weather down in aussie land is aboustlay crap at the momment floods and lots of rain 

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It has been glorious sunshine followed by a downpour of rain followed by glorious sunshine and then another downpour of rain. Repeated all day as I’ve been in the garden trying to lay a patio.
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Has been a rainy week over here. Should be getting better though. Miss sitting outside enjoying a beer in the sun these days :/

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Even though it's already October and the weather should have been cooler, it's not. It's still very hot and I can't wait for winter to come at this point. 

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Not too cold. It's been kinda classic fall weather, but there has been a lot of rain so that sucks, but now it's okay. 

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Weather was freaking nice yesterday, sunny and all of that. Today for fuck sake, they promised us the first snow or something likeish.. :/ like wtf.  I dont even have a fucking winter tyres and they promise snow.. fucking dickheads meteorologists. 

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Today its going to be cold and some wind all day, and its going to rain later today.
It can be snow also but hopefully it will stay over 0 degrees
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It looks like a beautiful day.

It's 10am and the sun has appearred since 8am.

Great time for walking and do anything, except work.

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We have officially reached the In-Between stage; it is hellaciously cold in the mornings and at night, but still entirely too warm for a sweater during the day. The indecision whether to use the furnace or the A/C is a constant battle that you never win.

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Shitty. We’re reeling towards freezing and it’s raining a lot. I’d really love to skip over winter and just go forth with summer

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Cold wind, cold air, gray clouds and a you guessed it. Winter is coming. Blowing in from the north. No snow yet but hey, I recon it's not gonna be a long time until the first flakes hit the ground. 

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