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Mar 25 - 04:14:41
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43
Finally a bit of sunshine. Still cold but when out in the sun its very nice.
To bad it will only be for a few days. After that the rain will be back.
Cant wait for spring to start!
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Today's weather started cold, about 4-5 degrees celsius.

At 1 p.m. it went up to 8 degrees.

No rain or snow, but cold. 

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Weather is still totally fucked up bro. It's fucking minus in the nights and days are pluss side.. which means the mornings are totally fucked up aka slippery. Fuck this, i'm going back to africa. 

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Just waiting, waiting, waiting for 7 more weeks. Doesn't matter, weather is always jacked up this time of year. this weekend was in the 50s, tomorrow will be in low teens. I would like to see the sun soon. 

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Like i said, sunshine was for a short time.
Back to rain and cold weather again. Glad i dont have to work outside today else i would have called sick lol

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Its under 50, which isn't very plesant. But if we leave the windows closed, then its not too bad because the flat heats up overnight. Plus I have a heated blanket that I basically live under now. 

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Snow, ice, there is lots of ice. It's 18 degrees. Pretty much sucks, especially since I need to drive today. 

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Today and yesterday was surprisingly sunny despite the cold. Definitely better than recent freezing temperatures. I'm hoping the predicted snow for next month is a horrible mistake.
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Aye its not getting much better at all, I have no idea whats going on.. same shit every week, its cold at night and sunny or warm at day.. so and its raining one minute then its snowing.. perfect

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I’m in sunny Cyprus, however, I’m currently at the top of Mount Troodos where it has snowed a truckload over the last 48 hours.
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It's fucking cold. I don't wanna go outside, and will try not to this weekend. The wind is very bad as well. 

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Today's forecast is cold clear weather with -10 degrees now and it will raise up to -4 degrees out of the day.

The wind will be at around 4 to 6 knots all day 

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The day started sunny.

The weather forecast predicts rain and snow for the country, however, not for our region.

If things change i'll let you know.

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Its crazy yesterday and today 16 degrees tomorrow its going to be 40 and monday 48.  the swings are just crazy.  

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Great today, though not as warm as yesterday. Sunny and no wind... I'll take that every day.
Though it's going to get cold again next week.
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Weather was absolutely fabulous on the weekend. I went to see some rally cars inthe southern part of the country and weather held up pretty well. It was freezing and it later started to snow quietly. Fantastic trip.

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26 celsius right now and it's 21 PM. In the afternoon was 33, could be worse. It was 40+ stuff in the neighboring state to the north so looks like I got it good.


Excellent weather to work out tho, makes you sweat like crazy. Sucks to do other things like LIVING FOR EXAMPLE

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Finally some freezing weather again.
About -5 celcius at this point. Bit of sunshine trough the day and temp climbing up to 3 degrees.
It is dry so cant complain.
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its sunny today and getting warmer. another storm is on the way so going to be wet and windy tomorrow. almost through winer not been a bad one. 

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We finally broke out of a deep freeze and got into the 50's (fahrenheit) today. This is my favorite time of year coming up. The weather starts to get warmer and you have the entire summer to look forward to. I spend a lot of time outdoors when the weather is nice, so I'm looking forward to it.

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