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Jun 07 - 01:38:26
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

Somewhere there is a god of weather that really likes you or hates you, mainly I think it is where you live simply. Places have hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tons of snow, gallons of water. 

Pick and choose what you like, they all can be dangerous and beautiful in there own right.

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Right now, it’s cold and wet. We had both snow and hail today. Fun shit when you’re living out of a car.
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We had all kinds of weather last weekend.
Went from sunny and 15 "c to rain,snow,thunderstorm.....
Really had to run inside a few times

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The weather is once again, all over the place. It is warm, but rainy and cloudy. The gloom is always there, but at this point, it seems like it's the new normal for this winter (or is it Spring? IDK)

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Today the forcast is that it will be rain and wind up to 35 knots from south.
Later today it will be sunny
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It's dreary and rainy  here today.  Temps not too bad, though.  Once again, tomorrow we will be under a high wind warning. Had it last weekend and it blew some shingles off my roof.  Hopefully, not a repeat. 

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Today the forcast is that it will be around 15 knots from north and sunny,looks like it will be rain later on.
The wind will turn from north to east
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Warming up nicely here in Arizona! We've had some snow this year but it doesnt stick here, just up in the mountains. Little rain too but its been really nice and moderate. Looking forward to a nice summer for sure!

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Its getting sunnier each day over here.
Hope the upcoming weekend is even warmer and more sunny. Cant hear the word rain for a bit anymore.
Kids are having fun outside and playing in the yard again :)


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It's pretty warm.... Wool was a bad choice today. It's not too windy or anything. Hopefully the weather keeps up, but I do like my winter clothes. 

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We are currently under a tornado advisory, so there's that.  It's my favorite weather though.

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i think spring might be here properly now, not this fool spring nonsense. might even cut the grass as the weekend.

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The sun has finally come out to play, but unfortunately it's still colder than shit. It looks great out the window though. 

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Tonight will see any cloud fade away and it will turn dry and clear throughout. There is a chance of fog and mist patches developing in places, however. A cold night.

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Raining and the temperature is 52 degrees Fahrenheit. The forecast shows rain with a low of 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

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It looks like we might get one last snow storm here.. Or it seems like it's trying to storm one last time here.. Before the winter season is over. 

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Today another rainy drizzly day. Sucks a bit because qe are on holiday. Ah well. Umbrella and jackets again
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The weather seems a little cloudy.

It's not cold, however, you should be careful with what you wear.

Temperature at 12 degrees C and logically will go up at noon.

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Finally some sunshine here in Wales for once. I hate the rain and snow. But then I hate to the same with too hot a heat

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As such as it is in England, one minute it will be sunny, next you'll be seeing rain, and from there you'll slowly embrace the fact that nothing about this weather is normal in the slightest.

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