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Sep 23 - 04:29:45
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

Warm sunny and blue skys. Scotland at its best. Time to get the the kayak out on the water find a small island and have a bbq and camp fire with a few cold ones. 

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Holy FAQ, yesterday where was like sun and warmth and fucking heat and humiditity and it was decent to sleep with open window and then middle of the night WHAM just like Lockheed AC-130, out of nowhere whole weather changed, cold, wind, water, fire.

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The weather here sucks. 

It's crazy.

We get up with sun and normal temperature for the season, however, heavy rain at noon.

This is happening for the last month almost every day.

Officially we have summer, let's see if it changes.

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Unfortunately for the pool temperature it’s been cooler this week. I’m not looking forward to the heat but I do want to be able to have as many swim days as possible. Since summer here is so blazing hot anyhow I don’t really care when it starts.
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today`s forecast is sunny with wind up to 5 knot`s from the east, the temp will get up to around 20 degrees Celsius.

In the evening it will start to rain and it will go on into the night.

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the weather is currently gloomy and calm with a hint of wind but it feels very nice outside if you're someone who likes to jog this weather is perfect for you!

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My weather is at looks miserable but somehow is still warm outside, despite the odd cold wind.   It looks like it wants o rain, but just doesn't have the motivation to go ahead and do it.    So grey skies, maybe 15-16c,  but waiting for it to turn on me.   Not brave enough to put out the washing today

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Today`s forecast is sunny most of the day with only some wind from south, the temp will feel like 20 degrees and the wind will be up to 8 knots.

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It's raining often, good thing, it keeps the temperature ok. Last year in these same days was crazy hot. I seriously hope it keeps going like that.

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I live in Massachusetts and the air quality is pretty terrible and from what i understand we are experiencing the effects of the Quebec fires while NYC and NJ are dealing with that as well as a forest fire burning in NJ as well. Pretty scary times. I don't remember wildfires being this prevalent and especially not on the east coast. I am originally from Jersey and the photos that my mother have sent me are depressing and kind of scary. Hoping this passes quick. I've been coughing and sneezing way more than usual.

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It is a little less smokey today. Last night was miserable, and I coughed a lot for some reason. It isn't particularly cold or warm, but I would like rain. 

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Absolutely ridiculous.

It didn't stop raining for about 6 weeks March through April.

Now ots not rained for about 6 weeks.

As a groundsman it's causing me no end of issues!
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The weather today is boiling hot and had to work in this heat in full uniform and with a boss who literally had bad breath  breathing over me urgh

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Will be 30C / 86F next week when I work afternoon (working industry, hydraulic piston rods/friction welding) Not looking forward to that.

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We just had a massive down pour. It was cool and refreshing to stand on the patio and watch it pass by....loads of puddles for the truck to run through now.
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Not really sure what the next few hours will be with the weather but right not it's hot with thunderstorms later this afternoon 

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Weather has been really nice out around here lately, the rain has disappeared already! Looks like we might be able to have more then just two months of nice weather this year!

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Damn, summer is here and it is going to be crazy hot. I wish it was winter all day long, forever. Cold and serene. Nonstop winter is what we should strive for :D
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em hello question is about weather right? Well weather is very warm these days and especially today was like even hot to be honest. i had to wear a cap wich i usually dont so yes it was hot today

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It's getting a little bit ridiculous now.

Forecast keeps promising rain then it never arrives.

Causing serious issues now for me. Causing damage I cannot fix!
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