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Apr 21 - 12:08:48
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43
Apparently the NW of England could see tornados and large hail today.

Which sounds a lot of fun for the middle of summer and ground that's not seen proper rain in 6 week
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The weather here has been rbetween rainy and partially sunny. It's been I can't really complain.i hope it stays cool..I hate being over heated.

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the weather here has been way to hot and dry, there are forest fires all around and we need about 3 days of solid rain to control them and let enough soak into the ground for farmers to get crops back

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Righ now the weather is decent. Give it a few minutes and it might stary raining again. Or the sirens will start going off. Summer is pretty much Spring here. XD

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It's winter. And it's warm. Fuck this country


here's hoping in a few days it gets colder, I need a little break from the heat

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It’s supposed to be summer here in Northern California and it feels like winter the weather still showing 73 daggers but it’s super windy and cold
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Weather has been nice, but it's so hazy from this Canadian wild fire. Kind of a first for me here, it's miserable. Kids supposed to stay inside. Hoping it clears up.
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Today`s forecast is sunny and warm from the morning and it will be foggy around afternoon.

The fog will be here until the evening and then the sun will be back 

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Yesterday was the first day of substantial rain in a long time to be honest i have not missed it and really miss the sun now. Hopefully it will be back soon.

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Today`s forcast is hot and sunny with wind up to 5 knots, later today it will be fogy and some rain and late evening it will be better again 

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Weather ruined thus week, loads of rain just when I got an inflatable boat to use on the lake.. 

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Well, we've been having massive forest fires for a while. Luckily, none too close to where I live, but we've had a day where the air was filled with smoke and it smelled like a nice campfire

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Nasty storms and brutal heat. Yay summer!
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Okay so, yesterday was hot as frick. And whole day it was just sunny and humid and it was constantly on one side of my flat which turned it into fricking hell, and it was way hotter than the very part of hell where that f****** b**** Margaret Thatcher is burning, but then summer middle of the night there was like a huge shower and it cooled off everything. So for now I'm rather content with the temperature and the weather
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It's relatively warm... but it's not humid or anything. I'm expecting there to be rain or something later, but I dunno. 

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Today's forecast is sunny and only 3 too 5 knots wind from south
It will be up to 40 degrees in the shadow.
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its getting so hot now, and it be worse when there is humidity too.

gladly I put my ac unit so it can help now to avoid melting while being at home and hide from the sun as much as possible.

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Weather is totally shit at the moment.. its been raining a lot and its not that warm at all. But lets hope it will be warmer soon. I dont like this rain and cold.

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All over the place.  Roasting the raining. Bad vibes for putting clothes out to dry.  Which I now have to do

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Today we had light rain, then a thunder storm, high winds and then back to a light rain.  It was excellent sleeping weather.   

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