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Feb 29 - 20:59:02
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

As an avid motorcycle enthusiast, I was thrilled to be able to get out yesterday and take a ride on a 60 degree day in December, but sadly that will be the end of it. The upcoming forecast does not show a single day getting above the mid-40's and it's hard to imagine it getting any better after that, with winter setting in.

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Not looking forward to tonight,  big storm coming through,     4 inches of rain and 50-60 mph winds

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Weather here is warmer than usual, going to be a long winter

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The eater is not .


-7 frezzing rain annd northt easterly wwinds

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The weather here in new Jersey has been bipolar tbh lol.. 60s to snow, to mid 50s... I don't get it at all
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It’s been really hot in Sydney. I’m stuck inside with COVID so thought I’d stop by and play again for a bit. Any donations of cash or credits welcome!! 

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Weather is totally fucked up.. its daaamn winter.. oh boy i hate this shit .. slippery, now its raining.. then its gonna freeze again.. holy cow i say.

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Well it is pretty shitty right now. it is raining hard and when it rains in the netherlands everybody in here drive like morons ...

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It should be a nice sunny day today.. but we'll see about that. Other days have been horrible, raining like hell, even thou its a fucking winter here.. yep, winter and rain.. it has never been like that. Nope theres no such thing like global warming, earth is flat etc.. oh fuck off.

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It's snowing here in UK. Yeah, we are having a white Christmas. I say everyone piss on the snow so we have a yellow Christmas.

This is for all my fellow chinky compadre.

Just kidding - it's cold and no snow here in UK. It's bollocks!
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My weather is miserable, when it is not rattling the windows and the shed with the crazy ass winds, it is pelting the windows with rain  both of which my dogs don't want to go out in, and neither do i

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It's going to start to getting ridiculously hot here, like 30c+ (so 90F) everyday for a while and just be very sticky. It's not going to be fun quite frankly.

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Normally it's pretty cold here this time of year but looks like we won't get any snow for Christmas (which thank god I hate snow anyways). Its rainy and wet but still in the 40s.

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today the forecast is windy and snow most of the day, with temp up to 1 degrees at the most.

hopfuly it will be over not to late so that its not to much snow to shoffel

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Was -5 when I got in my car this morning, in real temperature not that Fahrenheit rubbish. Wind is ice cold all day, snow off and on. Tonight gonna be chilly too and I feel like shit, so that's good. Although work finished for winter break, be gutted if Iose days through flu
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Normally it's pretty warm this time of year but lately it's been cold. I've lived in much colder climates so it's not that big of a deal, but still not my favorite thing to deal with. I woke up and for the first time since I've been living here my windshield was frozen over, I thought I escaped the inconveniences of winter. It's actually kind of worse, because at least in the colder climates there's snow.

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Just to give you a sample of what we go through where I'm from it was 31 degrees this morning and it is 66 degrees right now. Tomorrow it may snow and the day after that it may be sunny and 70 degrees.
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We are going to have rain throughout Christmas. Can't remember it being warm enough to rain during Christmas in my life. Either no snow or snow, never rain. 

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It's very cold, probably around freezing. We had a bit of snow fall during the night, although it's not much. It'll very likely melt during the day :D

Oh, and it's also kinda sunny out now!

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todays forecast is cold and snow most of the day with temp down to -7 degrees and it will come around 50 cm snow.

later it will get warmer and the snow will get sluchy so.

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