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Apr 21 - 11:22:47
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

snow, a lot of it

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Today's forecast is rain with wind up to 12 knot's from south with temp around 3 degrees, it will stop raining for some hours in the middle of the day.
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I would say the weather is dandy atm, snow storm last night, nice little rain this morning, and a cold wind coming in tonight. Other than some slipplery slopes can't complain

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some times it is cold and some times its really cooold that I have to wear heavy clothes while being at home -which I don't like-

but I love this weather any way :3

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Terrible.  After about a foot of snow, and spending an hour shoveling, now we are getting at least another foot over the next couple of days. 

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I was going to go talk shit in another thread but I glanced at the weather alert on my task bar and this motherfucker says "Snow: 2 Inches" and I need to have a moment or two to freak out. 


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2 inches, Georgette? That's nothing!

We usually don't get toooo much snow either here in Denmark. With the recent snow storm though, there was probably up to a meter (or more) snow around. Chaos ensued, people crashing and getting stuck, public transportation canceled. Buses still aren't reliable :(

I just want it all to go away already D:

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Our weather is cold. Very cold. It will only get colder this weekend. The temperatures plummet to a Devesraring rating of -18. Who knew places could experience such severe coldness. This is my hustle reply.

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A week ago we were enjoying plus 10c and sun and no wind.
Today we have snow wind and minus 40 temperatures. It's not climate change it is just our normal variable weather conditions.
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Today`s forecast is mostly clouded with temp around -4 degrees, its going to snow for some hours in the afternoon.

The highest temp will be 0 too -1

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(google translator help)

In Uganda we have 25-30c all week, but it rains most days, so is not nice.   You go further north, sometimes 30-35c temperatures this month.

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It's odd as fuck, I just moved on vay cay from central europe to south europe thinking I'd get a better weather, but turns out it's even colded down here!

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It's hot as hell here in Australia, usually over 30c everyday where I am (90F+) so I hate it. And humid as well which makes it worse.

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Schools are closing today because it is too cold for children to stand outside to wait for the bus or walk to school. They never did that when I was in school! We were tough back then I guess. 

But yeah, it is like a frozen tundra out there. 

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Where do you live Ketamine?

Its freezing here in Scotland today too, hasnt reach above 0 all day, but no school closures here. I coach a kids football team and should be training tonight, but ive messaged the parents and told them the kids have the night off as I dont want them outside for 90 minutes in this cold.

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COLD! At least for me it is...20F right now but the wind chill is down to 10F, all set with that!

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Today's forecast is cloded with some rain and snow and wind from north up to 25 too 30 knots, the temp will be around 2 degrees but will feel like -6ish.
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Very very cold. Severe weather warning, although maybe doesn’t seem as bad as that. Not snowing, just seriously cold. Otherwise quite bright and crisp.

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It's cold. Lots of snow. Lots of ice. Coldest it's been all winter so far. Not very fun.
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It's very hot! Like way too hot. Close of 40 degrees with the feeling worse so no way I'm leaving the air-conditioned place. Might have summer storm like every day.

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