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Apr 21 - 12:26:20
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43
Well to start off with it started out raining today then snowing back to rain the temperature then dropped by 30° and now it's 14° outside and the roads are frozen.
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Its back to basically snowing again. Its been freezing all winter, it got a little less freezing and has been gale force winds and rain since, now that the wind and rain are easing off, its back to freezing and apparently going to snow this week. Hurry up summer time, I dont think i can bare anymore of this awful weather.

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My weather has been quite nice lately. Well as nice as Canadian winters go anyways. Very little snow, cold and warm weather. I mean it's not summer season but its not the worst cold I have had in a long while. So that is nice. A little breakity break break from poor weather is always a good day.

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Wish we could say the same over in Scotland, Raina. Its freezing here and been expecting snow all week but so far thankfully not had any, just really frosty weather. Hopefully it starts to get warmer again here too as im really fed up with all the coldness.

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Its darn cold today, around minus 13celsius.. but it should be getting a little bit warmer in the next few days. Fingers crossed

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It is slowly getting warmer, winter`s almost gone

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Pretty standart for south europe around here. It's raining season, and god bless. We are in desperate need of water.

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it's perfect to get a sunburn if you get my point. It might be around 33 degrees celcius, the feeling is worse. So i'm staying inside enjoying the airco on 22 degrees.

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Another nice winter day. No snow or cold weather, just more of a mild fall day to be honest. One day we may get winter lol
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its colder then hell round here hope it gets hot soon 4 more month hope every one has fun play the game.  

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Today`s forecast is clouded and not too cold with temp around -2 degrees.

Looks like it can be some snow later in the afternoon, hopefully it will be snow and not rain.

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Well it's going on to the end of February and so far this winter has been a breeze. However every farmer and rancher is going to be lacking water this year for their crops and live stock. Everyone needs to make sure no lawns are watered around here this summer.
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It’s changing from moment to moment. One minute it’s sweltering heart, next it’s freezing. One minute a cool breeze, next it suffocating. Can’t seem to an anything steady for even an hour. But maybe it’s just the drugs. 

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Rain!  not too heavy, but snow would be alot better .... given we are in the mountains and wanting to ski ...

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Starting to feel like it's starting to warm up. Too soon I'd say, we often had snow around this time of year. Damn I was just getting used to winter, knowing that with two small layers and a coat I was ok...

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Kinda windy right now, but it will probably start snowing again in a couple of days.

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It's been chilly and windy, I'm really hoping that it doesn't snow anytime soon. Tired of the cold! Two nights ago the wind was blowing our car around on the highway. Hopefully this winter can stay as mild as it has been.

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Glorious sunshine, clear skies and roasting hot all day.... only kidding, pissing down with rain as always and freezing cold. If only this supposed global warming stuff had made its way to Scotland to heat us all up a bit!

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It's actually pretty nice today.  It can never make up its mind though, the weather is all over the place where I live.

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