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Apr 21 - 12:15:55
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

The morning temps went from 75 to 50 in a day. Just like that, summer ended and fall began. I am not a fall person but at least I can give my AC a break now until next year. 


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today the weather has been cold windy and with a lot of rain, it looks like its going to stop with the rain and just be cold and dark 

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Ugh you guys don’t hate me for saying this but…. It’s still hot.
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Hot it's still hot :/

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It's rainning right now and some thunders so it's weird since had a pretty day with a pretty sun. The weather is very crazy in the last days.

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For the lack of better wording and that it is fall. We are still getting summer weather but with a little rain..and of course it has only been raining at night.
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Todays forecast is warm air from the south is coming this morning and it will make the day good, and the sun will come up in an hour or so.

Later it will be some rain and thunder

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The weather yesterday was warm unless the breeze was hitting you. So if you wear a light jacket, you will be sweating. It was horrible.
Today is starting off very grey and rainy. The cats are loving it by the balcony window currently but the weather is making me even more groggy and less wanting to do things. Maybe it will be sunny too later on.

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My weather is usually all over the place.  Its kind of cold and raining today.  At least it is not snow.

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This may be the wettest october I've ever experienced in wisconsin in the past 20 years. We have had non stop raining for multiple days in a row already. Not looking forward to the snow this winter. Im guessing its going to be a lot. 

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its was 80 c here in ky but cold come so hope  for hot weather when gets cold hope it dont snow more 5 times this yr 

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Today`s forecast is cloudy from the morning and around 8 degrees, it will get sunny later on and the temp will go up to around 14 to 15 degrees.

So all it will be a nice day 

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Finally getting colder around here. I might haven to turn on the heat to keep all my things warm at night.

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Weather here is chilly, 46 degrees F, rainy, gloomy and probably a state in the house kind of day.  But it is typical Fall weather and we've been pretty spoiled up til now. 

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This is the most "outside" outside topic :D it's been pretty wet and cold lately but today was a bit nicer.

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weather here has been rainy, cold and's your weather?

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its hot in the morning under the sun other than that its getting much much mcuh better now, I can feel the lovely amazing good cold breeze which I really love.

hope winter would come faster.

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After a too hot start of month, for the season, in 2 days the temperature lowered of like 10 degrees (C°) in two days. And soon we'll be getting autumn rains.

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Cold as fuck. Its October and im already gaving to de-ice my car before I can drice in the morning. Cannot be arsed with that at all.
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Let's see
Tuesday it rained like it was a spring rain, heavy with big droplets.

The middle of next week we are suppose to be getting snow.

In other words our typical screwed up weather.
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