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Mar 25 - 04:12:39
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

Well yesterday is was sunny for the morning than in the afternoon it started raining and it kept raining till 10pm. Talk about a wet winter. Something's wrong with the weather over here also. I miss the snowy winters I had when I was a kid.

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According to the button on my task bar its currently raining. Which I will take over snow, although I don't see myself going outside at any point today thanks to work. 

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Pretty neat in here at north Europe, my deepest empaty goes to all in northest north america that suffers horrible.

Climate has shifted thanks to all polutions, maybe more ppl understands this now...
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After flying up to Florida, it’s not a cold fest here anymore! Sun is finally out though it’s still only 60-70s, and ISN’T humid, or I just can’t notice it. Hot for a coloradoan though.

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After a week of good weather in the mid to upper 70s.. It has dropped down to the low 60s, and the next few days will be raining and cloudy. But hopefully it'll warm back up for New Years Day..

Living in AZ, I prefer hotter weather.. lol 

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Today the forcast is -2 degrees and snowing but it will be warmer out the day and start to rain.

So the roads will be a little dangerous later with ice as it still is cold on the ground

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The weather has been decent but rain and freezing temperatures adds to dangerous times on the road ways. There was a 14 car pile up just north of where I live. 9 people injured and one person killed.
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The weather was 20, now it’s 65° and sunny outside and beautiful!

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its a bit cold it not bad right now its 52 f right now so not bad. the other day it was so cold it hard go out somke. but fday not that bad its rain off on its cold rain.

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It was pretty cold for the last week or so, it finally is warming up a tad this weekend though. :)

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Well last week was -4 and yesterday it was 70. It is definitely too hot for this time of year but it is the first year that I can take all of my lawn decorations down without half freezing to death.

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Weather went a bit warm this week which means that snow is gone and its very humid. And it started raining again :/ So at the moment we dont know when the snow will arrive again :(

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Mine is raining all day and really cold

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Went out to the countryside today. It was very foggy in the morning and was colder than here in the city. As we returned to the city, it got warmer. 

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my weather sucks. Its to damn hot for january. Screw florida. hate this state.

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So anyone else live in florida? Where you know it should be cold this time of year and its just to hot? its disgusting i hate it. one season all year long its ridiculous

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The weather here is horrible. Absolutely terrible. So you’re telling me a week or so ago it was cold as shit and dangerous to be outside to the point where you could get frostbite to now it being warm and me having to crank up the AC in my car. The fuckin AC man
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Same as always this time of year, gloomy and leaving not much hope that there ever was a sun
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Our weahter a totally chaos, warm even when it should be 15 degrees more frozen, it's so sick to see this. Thanks to no frozen weather all bacteria flourish anf make us sickrr and sicker...
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I love the weather in Northern California. Almost always perfect :) 

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