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Jun 07 - 03:15:10
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43
Still lovely and sunny here in the uk, we have had the most amazing summer!

The temperature is starting to drop now and it’s around 23/24 c, but We have had many weeks of 27-30c!

I wish all summers were like this in the uk

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No Dmitry we can not have all summers like this. It's been far too hot. The temp at the moment is fine, anything above is not the English way. 

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Weather recently turned sour, got a whole bunch of rain. I however am a fan of the rain, and we desperately needed it here, so it's fine for me. Not so much the people around me though.

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Today was a beautiful day here, overcast all day long and 85 degrees. This is the best time of the year, it's cooling down a bit, but not getting cold! It's just right.
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It's about to rain, which I'm excited for. Who doesn't like the sound of the rain hitting up against the house you're squatting in? Knowing at any moment people could kick down the door and run you out like you're a common criminal. 

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Today the weather is going to be so hot that it's has to be a siesta in the middle of the day.
The nights are hot to.
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Just spent the past twenty minutes driving through a big ass thunder storm, first on of the year that I have been in....I hope there are more before winter sets in.
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The forecast for today is sunny with a little wind and around 30 degrise most of the day.
In the evening it will go down to around 27 degrise.
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Stupid rain poured the whole night, couldnt sleep at all.. and because it was humid then i wasnt able to close the damn window at all.. nightmare. But it only rained today and i hope it wont rain anymore. But we'll see what happens. 

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At the moment, weather is good. Not too hot nor too cold. We had some heat waves few weeks back. That was pretty intens.

But luckily I have two air conditioning units installed last year. without it I will be sweatting like crazy.

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Today the forecast is sunny with a smal vind and temp up to 32 degrees, it can be some clowed later in the afternoon.
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Gonna absolutely rod it down all day.

At least it will allegedly be sunny for weekend. Nor sure I trust that tho..

Bank Holidays and all..
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We need rain. Really really do. Been forecast for weeks now but my little corner of the world hasn't seen a drop for many weeks now. Never happy are we? Too hot, too cold, always raining, no rain. Wouldn't mind a shower and that's not a personal hygine comment to be clear!

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The weather today seems to be an ordinary August day.

We have sun and humidity.

The temperature later at noon will go up for sure.

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Weather here just does what it wants at the moment. Its boiling hot one day, then freezing and pouring down with rain the next.
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Today it will be … sunny and super hot again … yay! It should cool down tomorrow a bit though which I am definitely looking forward to.
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It's summer. We know it can get a bit over sweaty to deal with. Even for good old Great Brittan. We have had a few out of the ordinary heat waves this year so far. We are seriously lacking in rain to the point many southern parks of the UK are now in hose pipe bans.

Has cooled down a little now but have been muggy for those of the south. We had a few thunder storm but would like more please! As for today its dry and sunny.. again! Such a myth when people say that all it does in England is rain..

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Weather is terrible. Hot in Texas and last few days it rained so it gave me crazy allergies. I will stay inside forever.

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On and off.. had 3 heatwaves and now a giant thunderstorm.. bliss
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It’s hot here and I hate it. 100 degrees plus In the summer time in the mid west. 

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