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Jan 27 - 13:56:48
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

Overcast and a little chilly right now but supposed end up the warmest day of the year. Should be a good day

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today its looking good, not too much wind and its going to be sunny.

Hopefully its getting a little warmer then its been this last days  

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after a week rain and wind its now sunny here at the coast. Some wind but oke, its good. Spring is comming, i hope :)

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It been quite fair down here, though we're expecting some rain later in the week. I don't mind it though, as long as it doesn't drop and snow like it did the past few months.

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Its in the 40s right now and looking like we might get some rain later on today but I will be at work so none of that matters to me.

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It smells spring.

The day is bigger and we have sunny days mostly.

If this weather lasts, it's gonna be a happy Easter. I look forward for the summer though.

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Spring heatwave finally arrived, was a high of 75 yesterday and today it's only finally started getting lower. Lot better than the cold...but we need more rain than we got last night to make it good enough.

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It’s so unpredictable here. It might be 30 one day and 70 the next. At least grilling season is right around the corner.
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It's gross, some days it's mild while others it's cold and raining. You'd think with it being so close to summer that we'd get some decent weather before it turns into "melt your face off hot" when you step outside in july but I guess that's too much to ask for. It seems like fall if the only bearable season these days. Is it just me? Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky...

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I can’t complain at all right now. Went up the mountains to ski a couple of days ago. Today it’s been all sunshine and around 0. Even had to put on sunscreen as the sun was so strong. Awesome days
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I so love spring time. The temperature is getting warmer and I can see all the plants and flowers starting to awake from their wintersleep.

I love it

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Sahara dust...........again..... a little sunshine trough clouds. it will become 20 degrees celcius here today, springtime. 

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It's early spring, so we're being treated to a real smorgasbord of conditions. Yesterday, it was sunny and ~12c, then it started to snow. Hoping that today is a little more consistent tbh.

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I woke up to freezing rain and sleet but it says it's gonna be a high of 65 degrees today? Only in western Pennsylvania is shit crazy
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It was so nice to have such a beautiful weather during my days off. Now i have to go to work again and the weather is still nice.

Who invented work?

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Well, lets just put it that way: it's 7am and its already 39c

so its gonna be a hell of a day, literally HELL

im glad that "cold" is arriving this weekend \o/ we will have a 10c to 15c, thats very nice 

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Changing; it was in the negative numbers last weekend with 40cm of snow; this weekend it is hitting high teens and up to low 20s in the day. But it is going to rain at Easter weekend, just when i get back on my two feet and could go out for walks!

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The last couple of days it’s been snowing heavily. Which is perfect as we’re away skiing. The upcoming week shows sun, sun and more sun. Sunscreen on check.
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The last few days has been lovely bright sunny and starting to warm up a bit its like 17 degrees 


Fingers crossed it keeps up and we have a nice early summer 

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Quite lovely, while still having significant swings in temperature. Low 80s yesterday, mid 40s today, but nice and sunny.

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