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What did you play (video games) as a kid? Started by: Arthur on Oct 27, '20 00:09

Hey guys I was going trough memory lane today, of games i used to play when i was a kid, whats yours?. Which one made you start playing?

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I played a bunch of different Mario games that were all on the original Nintendo, duck hunt, and then when my dad got a PlayStation I played a lot of Spyro and jarrett & labonte stock car racing. That is all!

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I've replayed Pókemon FireRed, Gold and Red more times that i can remember. I love those three games. My most vivid memory is beating Red in that one cave while I was in class haha. Masterpieces.

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Sorry this may be off topic for you... but as an adult Fallout 4 was a game changer for me. I didn't try the online version though.

Oh I just thought about Red Alert. Holy shit that and Age of Empires were the games when I was a kid.

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I played a lot of call of duty growing up, call of duty 4: modern warfare, id say I spent the most hours on lol. watching them get worse and worse every year has been difficult! if you are reading this call of duty, sort it out please!! 

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I played a lot of Prince of Persia. I didn't really like the sequel, but the first one was pretty cool. Definitely influenced a lot of other games. 

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Ok, so started out with Super Nintendo - Super Mario. Then moved up to an N64 and mainly it was 007 Goldeneye. Then I got myself a gameboy color and it was pokemon for days. Then PS1 playing FF7, so much nostalgia. Now I mostly play World of Tanks on PC.

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My entire childhood was taken up by Quake 3, then Counter-Strike. I played for a whole decade straight. Good times.

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Mario and Luigi won me over at a very early age on the NES. The only competition of note that they had was Tetris. 

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Super mario 3 on the super nintendo is the game i remember the most.
And a bit of mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 lol. Both are great games
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Super Mario, Final Fantasy 7, etc etc

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All sorts... PS1 games up. I had a 64 growing up so I played Zelda, 007 Goldeneye which was my favorite, and quite a few others.
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Started with an N64 its really what got me into gaming Goldeneye etc.

After that I moved on to PS2 and it was games like GTA Socom 

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was my first game, and MegaDrive 2 my guest console. Golden age of games, I wish I was older then to be more involved in that industry. 

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I used to be into wrestling growing up so naturally I bought and rented any wrestling games I could get my hands on.

And Destroy All Humans.

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i hate to give away my age like this but the first game we had was pong! yes, indeed, we thought we were hot shit with the sliding bar lol...later on it was mario bros, my brothers liked shootem ups of course and i liked things like legend of zelda 

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I have played many, most of Sega games on pc, I had hardisck was full of games.

And played many as ps1 and ps2, Tarazan, pepsiman, age of empires and many others. 

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That used to be Pac Man, Space Invaders on the Atari. But I guess it got more interesting for me with the Sega, playing games like Sonic.

Here in Amsterdam quite a few places popped up with a bunch or arcade machines to bring you down that memory lane. Not ideal in this COVID times, but still worth the fun if you combine the beers with some alcohol on your hands.

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One of my favourites was wing commander on the amiga cd I belive. I loved that game and it had like 6482947 cds you had to load from what I remember
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I started out with a commodore 64, there was a platformer called ninja commando that I loved, that and the TNMT game. Then progressed onto the mega drive and the Streets of Rage collection, although I always had time for Splatterhouse and Robocop v Terminator.

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