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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

Umbrella Academy, Stranger things and Breaking bad can not be topped! They are all great. I would say the number 1 spot actually goes to Mr Robot though, I just related to it too much. 

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My favorite TV shows would have to be Sons of Anarchy an Mayans They are both shows about Motorcycle clubs if anyone reads this an has time they should defiantly check them out.

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Currently watching Invincible on Prime - it's pretty good, I guess a little less NSFW than the boys, but still pretty violent - for a cartoon


Looks like one of those scenarios where the unexpected is around every corner - worth a watch

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I've recently started watching Umbrella Academy - when I heard others talking about it, I wasn't sure if it was something for me. But I decided to start it anyway, and damn.. that show is really good. I love how they make their superpowers seem so normal just as if they were born with an extra arm or an extra leg. Like, they aren't overglorifying it imo (if that's even a word.. :D)

I can really recommend it though!

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I've been watching this show called Ozark on netflix. Wow what a show! Its about this average guy who launders money for a mexican cartel. He has a family, (that knows what he does btw) and it basically goes through day to day life after the fbi raid his home in chicago. They have to move to the ozarks to avoid further investigation. Its great stuff!

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Personal Favorite tv show is Sr. Avila, it tells the tale of a insurance seller in the day light, and a hitman in the night. It is extremely well written, filmed and the actors play it very weel. Also the plot is absurdly good.

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Arguably the best British Series both past and present is "Line of Duty." Currently on Season 6 out of a potential 7 Seasons.

If for whatever reason you have missed this beauty then you can catch up with iPlayer.


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Right now I am stuck on "The Boys" just finished season 2, I cannot wait for season 3, it is an interesting perspective on super hero's. It's on Amazon Prime and free to watch. I also am stuck on "The Challenge" that is an amazing show to watch as well, keeps you on your seat.

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So, I just watched the season finale of Invincible, it has got a killer cast and I’ll say that it is hands down the best animated series I’ve ever seen. I’ve never cried to a cartoon before, let alone for 20 minutes straight. Fantastic show and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes good tv. It just got picked up for 2 more seasons. Can’t wait. 

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I'm late to the party with this one but my current favourite series is The Boys! With my lovely Shantel VanSanten in I should've known better and get onto it straight away, such a unique and funny series, I'm hooked!

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I watched santa clarita diet recently on netflix, not bad goofy comedy tv show and its not boring most importantly. Would recommend everyone to give it a try for casual watching
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Just finished Invincible and it was honestly amazing. Tough to pick and all time favourite though. 

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I’ve been rewatching how I met your mother again and it’s surprisingly just as good the second time but I did have like a 8 year break between
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I've started recently watching the Resident Alien, and I like it, but overall best tv show for me was Friends, and Lost. 

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Snowfall was pretty good. Also liked Power, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy. I also can always enjoy impractical jokers lol
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Sopranos and the Wire are the two greatest TV sitcoms ever.

The Sopranos started it all back in the 90s in regards to TV sitcoms. The Wire can be said as well. Both of these shows truly have paved the way for great television.

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I just started watching one on Netflix called hannibal. It hooked me pretty quickly, its definitely an interesting take on the story

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I’m waiting for the new season of the peaky blinders and Lucifer right now.
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Me too Reza - definitely waiting for next season of peaky blinders.

Just been rewatching all of last few seasons to get me in the mood...
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Was thinking about this. ESPN once did this series on Football. It was really big in the popularity department. However, it was the type of series that resembled more HBO kinda series than a ESPN one. Almost want to say The Rock's 'Ballers' is almost a spinoff from that. 


The series I am talking about....PlayMakers. 

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