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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

Mindhunter was amazing.  Much like anything David Fincher touches.  Great director.

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U Just watched Lupin. I really liked it even though it was in french
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Many good shows to choose from.

Past: Dexter, How To Get Away With Murder, Schitts Creek, Sons of Anarchy

Present: Fargo, AHS, The Challenge , The Handmaids Tale, You, Mayans MC, This Is Us
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Just finished rewatching the American version of The Office. Such a great show, it's one of those that makes you feel really sad once it's all over. Dwight is quite literally one of the best characters ever created.

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I'm on a binge watch right now on Criminal Minds. It's actually one of my favorite shows and even though I thought I hadn't seen all of the episodes, I have realized as I've watched it that I've actually seen almost every episode except season 12-15 xD 

I really enjoy watching it again though  :)

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I wouldnt say its a favourite as such but have been watching alot of star trek (nearly watched every episode of every season), loved most of Game of thrones though not so much the final season.


Chenobyl was amazing and probably best drama series ive watched over the last few years but mostly anything sci fi expanse, firefly love death and robots etc


But i watch too many series and have forgot something.

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I would have to say Sons of Anarchy was pretty good back then, I haven't seen any shows lately that peak my interest, hoping they wrap up Better Call Saul and that something good comes along.
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I currently have a nice hard on for peaky blinders, and then the classic avatar the last airbender is always on the binge list.

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Ive got into Justified recently. Mostly just out of boredom initially but it has quite quickly become one of my favourite shows ever. Also, the show is done already, so you can binge to your heart's content.
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Maybe not a favorite show, but I used to like CSI when it came and I just started watching it again.

It's cool to see it like x-years after xD

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I just recently started watched old shows like Parks and Recreation and The Office and I enjoyed both of them pretty much. My favorites would be Breaking Bad (I also love Better Call Saul), Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy. Re-watched them a couple times each, at least.

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It didn’t last long at all, and it was a nightmare to get a copy of it on Blu-ray, but Zoids New Century. Liger Zero is still amazing, and they could have really done a lot with the battle format had they been given the chance.
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Supernatural was one of my favorites but i finished it and i found DC ledgens of tommaroe

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american horror story for sure.

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Right now the wife and I have been very addicted to Below Deck and its spin off series Below Deck Med and Below Deck Sailing.

Normally we are not into the reality tv sort of stuff but this show has us hooked with how the life of the crew works and how they interact with not only each other but its guests.

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I know others have mentioned Breaking Bad and I’ll have to repeat that here. I was not interested in it at all but my husband insisted and we binged that pretty quickly afterwards.

We started Law and Order Special Victims Unit at the beginning on Netflix, still live that show and the fact they the writers can keep things fresh after all this time speaks volumes.
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I personally enjoyed son's of anchary and kobra Kai was another good one. I know there is a ton that I'm not listing but tis a sample of two short shows I enjoyed
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I just watched the show "Community" again. It's such a good show, Donald Glover and Chevy Chase are really good in it, as well as others.

Manifest is really good and mind bending. I'm also all about The Wire 😎
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I havent watched many proper shows lately, but I think the last one I finished was either Workin Moms or Chambers. I really liked workin moms because of the way it portrayed the life of different types of working moms in a hilarious way, and I really empathized with two of the characters, Katie and uhh. Whatever the short red haired womans name was. Their personalities were on point!

Chambers was more of a thrilling exciting show, trying to solve the mystery of why a girl with a recent heart transplant wasnt acting quite like herself. It was really good as well. Can highly recommend both if you're into that :)


All time favorite though, I'd have to go with GoT or Breaking Bad. But it would be boring to just mention them, because everyone knows ofthem anyway!

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The Night Of, with Riz Ahmed

Excellent miniseries - taut, dense, suspenseful.  In many ways it reminded me of @Destro's writing.

But it is truly superior television. 

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