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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

Watched Norseman :) Off the recommendation by Dagda.

Recap- great writing, amazing acting, witty humor. Would definitely recommend to anyone that likes drama, action, comedy, and norse mythology. 

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Started watching this show called Knightfall.. its pretty good so far but I'm only on the second episode lol its about medieval times and templars from what I have gathered. Good show if your into that kind of stuff like I am

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I also like white Collar its a comical team up of an Con artis and a smart FBI agent that knows what the con artis is thinking as the show goes on.  Its old show now but if you watch the first three you will be hooked on it.  

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I just started to watch the French series Inhuman Resources on Netflix. Eric Cantona is playing the main character. 
So far, so good. 

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I've been enjoying Into the Night on Netflix. Season 2 is just out, only 6 episodes so a nice quick watch.

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one of the best old ones i would say only fools and horses and i also like fringe but thats from like less known tv shows not counting star trek or lets say doctor who

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I don't think I have an all time favorite, but I love Breaking Bad (and Better Call Saul too), Vikings, Sopranos, SoA and a lot of comedy shows. The list is long!
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I Am Currently Binge Watching Young Seldon From The Beginning Of The Series

And Boy Is It Still Hilarious As Heck.


Nothing Like A Nice Relaxing Sunny Day In Bed Watching Shows While Playing MR lol

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Oh to be honest there are so many and to choose one from them is kinda tough but the one that really stands oit is obiously games of thrones
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I really enjoyed True Detective I loved all the actors because I didn't expect them to be in a show like that and the realism and the plot line was very great I would definitely watch again

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This week it's America's Worst Cooks. They make me feel so good about my cooking abilities, provides a lot of laughter and some amusement. Also sucks when you fall asleep with it on and get lost when you realize it stopped a few episodes later and you have no idea what happened.

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Best show is Ray Donovan and of course Sopranos
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This new "Foundation" show seems promising. The intro gives me a vibe of Fringe which was amazing up to a point. Like most shows that goes on for too long, the quality dropped after  few seasons. ANyway, Foundation seems promising and it has an interesting idea.

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Midnight Mass on Netflix.. great show, a lot of twists.
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I've been thinking about midnight mass but haven't heard anyone about it. But now someone tells me It's a good series I might give it a try
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Supernatural or anything related to magical beasts or vampires/werewolves. God or angels.
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my fave show at the moment is the sopranos.

currently watching it for a second time  :P

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There's a superb series in the UK called Endeavour. It's the prequal to the Inspector Morse series. I never watched Morse but my in-laws loved it, so when Endeavour started a few years ago I thought I'd give it a try. And man am I glad I did! Terrific acting, terrific scripts, everything about it is good. Whenever a new series is released I think I must try to find Morse on a streaming service but so far I've not actually done that!

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Endeavour sounds great.

I just found Foundations and it brings up images of Dune for me. The costumes and story line are amazing, which makes sense as it is off the book by Isaac Asimov

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. These really mean alot to me as they helped me through a lot bad of things in my life at the time. To this day I still have a lot of the memorabilia for them 2 shows 

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