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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

I haven't really watched much series of late with study and work requirements but some old favourites and the odd new one thrown in there.


House MD All time favourite probaly


Boston Legal

The Practice

The Wire

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Yes, I have never started watching it. For some reason, I figured it was lame.

But, so glad I watched the double pilot.

Meghan Merkle is not the annoying person that I thought she'd be

Very clever writing. I even laugh out loud at some parts.

Take the jump if you never have. Loads of seasons.

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This week I was on a Law and Order kick. Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit. I love those series. Not so much the nightmares that come with it.

Now I am watching Baby Daddy on Disney+. Hopefully this one will be good.

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Not everyone will agree but I loved the band of brothers, and the Sopranos.  

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I have been watching Dexter new season . just waiting for the rest of the seasons to hit

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Just reporting that Suits (TV Show) has been a very welcome surprise (positive) and glad I began watching some shows.


Halfway through second season now.

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"Y: The Last Man" is a pretty damn good series. I watched the whole 1st season in one day. If you're into post apocalyptic storylines this is one for you to watch.

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I just finished up with the series called 'YOU' I would highly recommend if you are looking for something to watch

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I’m currently rewatching The Good Place. It’s not my favourite series, but it’s pretty good to pass a few hours. As far as favourites, I’d say things like Breaking Bad or Rick & Morty probably.

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Ofc Breakin Bad & Game of Thrones are&nbsp;my most favorite prejects. I m the netflix monster who is watching every single new upcoming films right on time. But I m always thinking there is a "Banshee" which is not on netfllix. I m %100 sure about ppl gonna like it more than the most of netflix projects if they reach.

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Oh, man. Far too many to name. West Wing was great television, there were a few story-lines and character archs that didn't really mesh well with today's cultural norms (mostly some pretty infantilazing views on women) but if you look at it as a product of its time`

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Not a new one --- but I was watching Happy Endings on Netflix. Just fun to watch Elisha on the screen. Sigh. If she was my neighbor, them hedges would be so well manicured.

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I’m a big fan of television and movies. I have things like Game of Thrones & Sons of Anarchy in my top 5 and Breaking Bad is the second greatest show of all time but in my opinion Sopranos is the GOAT. I do however believe Walter White is the greatest character ever in television. 

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Does Squid Games Count? I found the story line different and the twist cool. Cant wait for next round

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Mash is one that is high on my list.
It always seemed to have a high standard of good lessons to learn and it had wonderful cast members.
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Im looking forward to the release of Witcher season 2 on December 17th. Loved the story and the visuals of the first season, so I hope the second season wont disappoint. Didnt enjoy seeing Henry Cavill as superman but he sure makes a great Witcher and I wonder what happens to the bard in this season.

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I keep wching Son of arcaine.

Most recently I've been rewatching White Collar and Stranger Things. White Collar is on Hulu and Stranger Things is on Netflix. Both require attention be paid but when you watch them enough they are good for background sound. 

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Masked singer!

Am i right? Best show on tv. 
Also lots of holiday baking shows.

goddamit, my wife has the remote and my life sucks.

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