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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

I've been getting down on Modern Family lately. It's actually pretty good and there are a metric shit tone of episodes. 

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I grew up with bananza ,gun smoke, rifleman i really in joy watching rifleman. watched it every sat with my grandma.

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24 and The Blacklist. 

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I've gotta say at the start - I watch some absolute shite.  Series I've watched the whole way through (don't judge!!) would include Miami Vice, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill.

I do tend to think that once a network gets viewers for a series, they tend to milk them over their recommended life span.  Also, I'm probably 5 years minimum behind everyone else.  I'll get around to watching Line of Duty from the beginning maybe next year :)

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Recently enjoying the homeland series on Netflix with my hubby. To be fair I normally don’t like this type of show but this does keep you gripped
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Game of Thrones (before they fucked it up), Narcos, Stranger Things, House of Cards.

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No shame in loving Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill! Both great shows.

Obviously The OC is another...

Anyone watched Snow Fall?? Fantastic. Kind of like Narcos esque but based in America.
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I gotta say SUBURRA, the series.


It's the first italian production on Netflix and it tells the tale of the "mafia capitale scandal".


The story is narrated throught the eyes of 3 major characters, Aureliano - son of a mafia boss, Spadino - The yonger brother of the Gipsy crew boss, and Lelo - The son of a honest police officer.


Story passes around the city of roma and the main characters forming an alliance against their own families, the church, the politicians, the Ndrangheta and Samurai, the administrator of romas underworld.


It is extremely well written, complex characters, excellent plot, acting and even better sound track. Yes, italian RAP is awesome.


Now, if you are whiling to try it, please, survive the first episode and you shall be good. It might feel confuse at the beggining, but everything will be settled and you will understand the plot perfectly.

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Grisella....I enjoyed the first three seasons of Homeland...after that, much like a lot of series, they seemed to carry on producing it just for the sake of it.  The story lines just got dafter.

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Kids in the hall and trailer park boys used to/still are two of my favourite "feel good" shows that I watch. Something about these two shows that I find realxing.

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Band of Brothers was a pretty nice show if anyone likes those kind of things

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One that people seem to forget about these days, but it was a huge hit back in the day. Remember Dexter?  It was like a crash course in how to get rid of your neighbors without raising too many eyebrows.

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If you're a fan with crime genre and mafioso lifestyle, I highly recommend "Peaky Blinder"s. An epic gangster drama set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s.
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I really loved LOST, there's something about being stranded on a island that always have peeked my interest. Sure it got a wee bit wacky in the latter seasons but the premise of it was good and it had some fun actors and actresses in it.

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"Behind her eyes" was abit slow at start but hell the ending was nice. "Stranger" was nice. "When they see us" was really good, hard to watch but worth it.

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Off the top off my head right now though, a LOT of love for Stargate SG1, even years later! The Orville mentioned by Hugh is also fantastic. Special mention goes to Breaking Bad, GoT and let's be honest... 

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I started watching The Irregulars the other day. Kind of a spin of Sherlock and Holmes but in a sort of different perspective. Initially didn’t think I would take a liking to it but it’s actually kept me intrigued. Seems to be only one season but I’ll make sure to keep watching it.
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Recently i started to watch the series 'New Amsterdam', definitely a great show so far. Wondering how it'll move along with the protagonist really starting with his cancer treatments, see how he can keep his spirit up that way. Recommended for sure

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I've been watching an Australian show called Glitch recently. It's a pretty good show, although I feel like the title doesn't become super relevant until the final season. I can still recommend it - it's got an interesting plot with some great characters. It did take me a few episodes before I got hooked, but it's been worth it so far!

Would probably rate it 6.5/10 :)

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I started re-watching Shane Meadows stuff recently. I've watched This is England from beginning to end and similarly to the first time, it's been absolutely brilliant. I didn't realise how many of the actors and actresses in there then, made it big in the business and moved onto bigger things now. You could argue the cast is full of potential stars.

I've also watched The Virtues, again that's Shane Meadows. That's a really good series and is really powerful. Stephen Graham is as faultless as always.

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