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Food You Don't Like Started by: ChibiMoon on Jun 13, '21 16:02

I hate any kind of cooked (read: overcooked) vegetables. It is just horrible when you are eating a carrot or paprika or whatever and it has been cooked for so long that it lost all the consistency. I would rather eat raw carrot, paprika and such, not to mention broccoli that most people hate are amazing WHEN not overcooked, but for some reason people boil them for soooo long.

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I enjoy most foods, exceptions are some fast food if i eat it more then 1 or 2 a month, and i dont really appreciate some vegetables and fish like Salmon. Horrible.... lol

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i fucking hate corn, like wtf, corn is horrible, its small bad when cooked, it tastes bad, its just that kind of food you can compare to a mosquito. Why it exists? Who knows! Its just there, sucking!

Also, i fucking hate raw onions. Takes a psychopath to even eat a raw onion, even more on bites.

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I have a distinct hate for Mushrooms. Mushrooms dry, with sauce, cooked, uncooked. BLERRRGGHHH. I had this girlfriend once who had her "Gran Gran" over from Northern Ireland. She cooked us breakfast with cooked mushrooms. To try and be a nice person, score some kudos points with the "Gran Gran", I decided to eat the mushrooms. Ran up the stairs, was violently sick in the toilet in a house where you can hear EVERYTHING.

I only spoke to Gran Gran twice more, and one was to say bye.

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One time I got some anchovies on pizza just to see what all the fuss was about. BIG MISTAKE!  It was like eating out a dead bullfrog. Fucking nastiest shit I've ever tasted. I don't know what sort of demons possess the people who think that it tastes good. Get pepperoni and onions on it like a civilized human being.

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Not much I don’t like, except I always take gurking out of burger.

I am also not a massive fan of raw fish, no matter how many times I try to like it I legit can’t stand the texture or temperature!

Love anything Mexican though!! Best food in the world.

Also English roast dinner, is pretty good too.

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I don'tlike Carrots, asparagus and Calamari.  I also dont like Ramon noodles.  

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Avocado and guacamole, what terrible tasting things those are. I just do not understand how anyone likes them :( and now they want to put quac on everything!

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Beans. All beans. Green beans, kidney beans. Baked beans. Just... beans. Hate the texture.

Only one kind of bean i like...
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Ive tried durian once. The after that lingers on your tongue, in your throat, not to mention your breath. And makes you feel warm on the inside that you gotta jugged couple of glasses of h20 just to feel 'ok' after that. Nasty.
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Tomatoes are the worst type of food a person can eat. You have to be some kind of sadist to enjoy biting in tomato and feeling the seeds and juices squirt all over the place. It's disgusting. I'm not a nerd, but if I was I'd also mention the Denethor eating tomato scene in Lord of the Rings Return of the King which was also horrifying. 

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The part that I really hate about any food is this.

I really don't want it to wiggle when I'm eating it so the WEF can eat their own damn bugs to get their protein.

I won't be eating anything they produce.
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Not a fan of onions. Something about the texture doesn't sit right with me, but I'll cook with them any day. Just won't eat them.


Makes eating green beans from some restaurants an annoyance since I just do not want anything to do with those layered crunchy vegetables.

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I don't like the foods lable as healthy for you because most taste like cardboards, I don't like vegetables like carrots or pea's and corn and I don't like vegetable soups.  I don't like under cooked foods and I don't creamy foods.  

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Some veggies, like eggplants and gourds, i dont really like those. I also fongdon't like some fishes

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Tomatoes, but I strangely like tomato sauce and sauces that has tomatoes in them. It's just tomatoes in their original form lol.

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Food i dont like? hmmmm.. maybe food that has raisin. not a fan since childhood i dont know why i dont like it but they say its good. nevertheless i love all foods mostly mix with vegetables. and of course fruits.

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There's this nasty ass dish that some American kids in poor families might be familiar with. It's called "Tuna Helper", but I can assure you, it has helped no one. It's some sort of premade seasoning mix that you add to cooked pasta and canned tuna.  There is nothing nastier than seafood that's been sittng in a can for god knows how many years. My parents used to force us to eat everything on our plate that we had for dinner. The only way we got out of it was if it made us vomit. Well, the fucking tuna helper made me vomit, and I haven't touched it or canned tuna since.

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I've only ever almost thrown up after immediately tasting something once in my life. It was a bottle of kombucha. Tell me its good for me all you want, but that stuff is probably the most disgusting thing on the face of the planet...

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Ive never ever had kombucha but i'm very sure that I wouldnt like it, would probably be like Dubliner and throw up.  I'm quite a picky eater too if truth be told, dont like most fruit or veg really. As I get older I do tend to try things again and see if my tastes have changed with age, alas i'm still a very unhealthy eater in that most food I like is bad for me and most food that would be good for me I find disgusting lol.

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