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INPUT: Little shit that bugs you. Part five. Started by: enkindle on Nov 07, '16 23:32

Little shit part five.

Read up here on what this thread is if you don't know:

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When you get a gift perk that you already know what it is but it still brings you to the screen with the revolving gun chamber.
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(EricaWilde I may be wrong, but I think that it's like that so you can choose when to start it? Whereas before as soon as it landed on your Perk, it started the 3 day Timer, now you can choose when to open it??)

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I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before- but I would love a "Reply and Archive" button when responding to mails to go with the existing reply and delete button.

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Not being able to buy/sell the maximum amount of credits I can with my available balance.

Not being able to press a button to "match highest offer" and having to cancel and resubmit my offers each te.

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When trying to wack the durden crew members directly from their profile, it takes forever to load wack page. It's really a big shit.

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Piero - the profile scrolling doesn't work for you? 

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HunterZolomon I think he means the arrow keys on the keyboard? Rather than clicking them... 

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HunterZolomon I can click the arrows on the screen. I want to press the arrow on my keyboard and have it scroll that way as well.

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Could the XHTML guide be put into the suggested reading? I found it by going through the site rules, clicking on the old tutorial, and then finally found it. I think for new players this would be an awesome piece of information to have more readily available.
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Sorry if it's been mentioned but is it totally necessary to get a flashing notification for every bodyguard trained? Personally I'd rather see that flash when my CA comes across a small deal. =)

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Mercedes_Kompressor - There is an option under Manage - Options - General that you can uncheck, it *should* stop some off the 'less' important personals to blink for you.

Enkindle - When you send a mail to yourself, and use the Search function, to look for that specific mail...well, it pulls up all of your mail. Which makes sense. Could we get it so instead it only pulls up mail from yourself for that? [The only reason I could think not to would be for CA/CL's[[from RH's pov]] mail that people might want to filter - but there's already a dropdown option to choose which mail you're reading in that case]

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Thank you, Hunter. Unfortunately that isn't one of the filtered ones.

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Is it possible that when selecting the amount of bg's that you want to train that it gives you a running total of what its going to cost. 


Selected 10 bgs at a cost of say 900k

Selected 11bgs at a cost 1mill

Etc etc

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When you do "Train Bodyguards" under the profit menu and it doesn't tell you how long is on your felony timer even though it uses it

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Do you mean how much it will use? Or how much you have left? Or how much is left if you try to go too early?

Its the same as a felony, uses the same time as a felony, and if you have the toolbar timer, it displays the countdown.  If you can further clarify what you mean, we can tweak it to what you want.


It's kind of a small issue because it only affects people when they're less than 15 units and unable to do their own felony, but basically the felony timer doesn't show up at all when you're under 15 units and you do the train even though you can do the Train BG straight away provided you're in a crew.

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Yeah, as Datorder said. But alsoi if you click to do a felony and have no timers, the error would say "You still have x minutes". But with the Train BG, the error apparently just said "You can't do this yet" but doesn't say how long for.

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HunterZolomon, updated tips to reset to $20k each time you open it.

HunterZolomon, moving threads will put them at the top of their new forum.

KateLogan, Reply & Archive is a good idea but not a very small change to make. I've added it to my todo list though.

LuciusSweet, I'm not sure I follow what you mean about "match highest offer", you mean you want a button to automatically fill out the credit sales form with the best offer?

Daniella, good idea. You can now send notes with gifts.

Piero, you can now go the previous/next profiles by pressing CTRL + Left/Right.

Shadow, I'm not sure whats up with that. Should be the same speed as any other...

Dirge, good catch on that typo.

Disorder, using space to repeatedly submit the wack form should work in all browsers now.

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Awesome, thanks enkindle!

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waiting for an long ass time for someone to accept the Oc invite. Then it takes so long, then you decline it. WHICH SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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