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Dec 03 - 04:20:53
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

The Weather In NZ Is Highly Bipolar lol

One Minute It Will Be Hot As Heck The Next, It Will Be Full On Storming 

But I Definitely Cant Wait For Summer TO Finally Arrive So I Can Try Get My Tan On hahaha

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The weather is unpredictable at best here, one second it's sun shine and the next second it's heavy rain.

Probably best to just stay in and play MR.  That's my excuse anyway.

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Its actually not bad today.. morning was a bit colder as always, but now its not bad, it did promised to start raining afternoon at some places but we will see about that. I hope it wont. I dont like running in rain.. bleh

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It’s never sunny in wales!
Rain has stopped for a short period though, probably start again later.
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weather were I live is a bit cloudy and very cold typical for my country xD

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The weather today was foggy and misty. It started to cool down from the high 70s to lower to high 60s. Definitely starting to feel like fall now and I love it. Fall is by far the best season.
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Fall is definitely here.
The leaves are almost all on the ground and the normal daily temperature has dropped by a 15 degrees Celsius.
And the weather man is calling for possible snow flurries.

Dirty bugger
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Starting to get cooler! Hoodie season is upon us here in Ohio. Time for bonfires, chilli, and apple cider :)

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It's getting colder and colder.... But I like it. The leaves are starting to fall and I should probably purchases a pumpkin or something. 

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It's cloudy and drizzle.

Normal weather situation for the season. The town i live looks empty in the streets, however, it's nice to move downtown.

Many free spots for car parking and have a coffee indoors.

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Today the weather is going to be windy and clouded with a little rain later in the evening, temperatur will be around 12 degres so not to bad for the Session
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There are many cloud fields and especially in the north it can rain a bit. In the afternoon it will be dry except for a few showers. The sun can break through locally and it will be about 16 degrees. The day starts rainy on Friday, later there are dry periods in which the sun can break through. During the weekend it will initially be dry with sun. Sunday it will be 15 to 17 degrees with more clouds and a chance of some rain. After the weekend it will be changeable and milder.
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Was a bit foggy this morning, which then turned into a very warm day, but it's starting to cool down a bit just need it to keep away from warm weather as it's supposed to be fall.
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Excellent day for a walk. Hat and glasses not to be recognized.

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It's not bad. Not too cold and not too hot. No need for a heavy coat yet. If you were flying in from Chicago, you would be pleasantly surprised.
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Raining here right now but I hope it clears up for rest of the weekend as its my wife and I's anniversary and we are going out together

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Cold and rain.

Extreme weather conditions almost all over the country, floods which caused several problems.

The effects of summer fires begin to appear with the first heavy rains.

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It's raining for so many days now. Having a rainless Summer, rain was great at first but this is starting to become miserable. Not being able to see the sun for days is just wrong

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It is cold and rainy. More and more leafs are turning yello and orange and you can tell by the look on people's faces that summer is definitly over. With the lockdowns slowly lifting, more and more people are heading to their work place.

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Its actually not too bad. Started out hot and humid, but now that its night out there's a nice coastal breeze and cool air. Plus the sky looks awesome tonight. I cant complain.
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