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Food You Don't Like Started by: ChibiMoon on Jun 13, '21 16:02
There are lots of posts about things you like or recommend. But what foods don't you like and steer clear of or the ingredient that makes it onto your delivery notes to restaurants?

To start off, my biggest food dislikes is cilantro/coriander!
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You can’t possibly dislike coriander, it’s the single best aromatic herb to add to your food. You put it everywhere, even on cereal.
One thing I don’t like is anything with a spongy texture, such as eggplants and some kind of mushrooms. Can disappear.
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Plenty of food. But most things that have vegetables,or cooked without ingredients, mostly healthy food to be completely honest. Pizza, burgers, and steaks my favorite.
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Gerkins.... Or snozzcumbers as my youngest calls them.

My husband eats these for fun, dipped in Pate.  The thought of these horrors makes my eyes go crossed.

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Pineapple....especially on fact any fruit that is cooked in a savoury meal....just no.....

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I hate everything in gourmet.

I'm more a traditional guy in food, but can't resist on pizza and burgers.

Fruits like pineapple, avocado and such i don't even touch them.

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I’m a good cook and finding that I’ve become picky about how well food is prepared. Example...I can make a really good gumbo. Traveled to Louisiana and was appalled at a cup of gumbo that was served. Was obviously mass produced and rue was poorly made along with over cooked and rubbery shrimp.
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Badger I make a mean Bouillabaisse.....just saying.....and my tartiflette is to die for (not game style just it is tasty!)

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I will literally eat anything ever, except avocado it tastes like absolute shit it's over hyped shrek semen afwull tasting 

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Eggs, I have never been a fan of eggs. No matter how they're cooked.. I do not like them. Not even omelettes! I just can't get with them. The texture, the smells(depending how cooked etc). My children are very lucky I am willing to cook them for them... 

Egg Disclaimer: With the exception of in cakes! 

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I eat almost everything, but I'm not a big fan of eggs, and I don't like some types of fishes. And oh I also don't like some types of... uhm... smelly vegetables.

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i don't like few vegetables specially eggplants, others things normally i don't have any problem about to eat. i even like to try new foods and spices.

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Beans. Literally any kind. I just can't stand them for some reason. Love chilli.. hate the fact everyone puts beans in it. Either I need to make it myself without beans or spend ages removing beans after buying it. Eugh.
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Well, I would have to say I do not like any spinach. I also don't like guacamole can't stand either of them.

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Walnuts. Eww. Why do people think it's a great idea to make banana bread or pumpkin bread with walnuts? Why are walnuts a normal thing in carrot cake? Don't even think about putting walnuts in fudge. Should be criminal!
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Carrots. Never really been a fan of carrots. Not cooked or raw.
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I thought I too hated cilantro until I got together with my husband who is a chef. I now know that a lot of places over do it with the cilantro and it takes over the flavour and that’s why I hated it. Used properly and on proper amounts it is the perfect addition to many dishes.
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There is a lot of food that I dont like.

I dont like liver, mackerel, some vegetables and whale

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I'm trying to think of a food that I don't like, but I enjoy most things. For some reason I really dislike meatloaf and I don't know why, because I like meat, but just not in a loaf form. 

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It has to be Eggplant.
I have never found a use for it. It's like squash and if I need squash that's what I'll use.
Eggplant the vegetarians meat I guess.
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