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Diary Started by: EdisonByers on Feb 02, '21 21:25

I'm awake. Again, too early. I found myself standing in my underpants, staring into space, with a strong sense of duty but absolutely no memory or direction. I repeatedly asked the brain for instruction. Anything, just some starting point to provide an alternative to nautical swaying and growing reminder of unpractical levels of booze still making its way through worn out kidneys.

"No news is good news" Insisted the brain. I stumbled downstairs, leaning heavily on the wall as I went. Today was clearly going to be taken in short lunges between points of physical support. I resigned to sit the day and watch the erosion of my mind's coastline. Slow, creeping, inevitable, catastrophe. 

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Good Morning Diary,

It looks like a rainy and cool day today.  I believe I shall stay inside and make myself useful getting some things cleaned out of drawers and closets ready for the charity bin. Maybe watch a movie or two and relax, something I don't get much of :)



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Dear diary.

Here I am again.. Contemplating what to think, write and log down on this digital notepad we call a forum. Like a slave under pressure, only held up by the carrot at the end.

And thus, here I am - the will to whore my creativity out, just for a reward - is not to be taken lightly. 

Until next time.

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dear diary

today  i lost my 12 yr old cat she was hiding in dark places for a long time and did not want to eat. i founder on a blanket an stayed with her petting her, she liftd herhead enough to rub it against my hand and then a few minutes later she breatehd her last breaths.,

i was sas but glad she was not suffering anymore and shes with her brothers and sisters in kitty heaven

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It’s Friday!

Best day of the week. Some would argue Saturday and although I get that position, I do, I’m just a Friday man. Friday may have the last day of work, but it’s the last day. The work day flies by with planing what will happen when the liberation of the weekend hits. Oh what wonders will be bestowed upon me. What heavenly delights. What unrestrained leaps into unbound hedonistic bliss?

I tend to only plan the first few steps. From there, impulse and improvisation will guide my thrill seeking hand. Today’s initial leap into madness, is already planned. I’m going to get several bean and sausage bakes from the baker on the way home and drink nothing but strong coffee to wash them down with. I swear, by eight o’clock I’ll be glued to the toilet, eyes ablaze from stimulus, shitting myself near in half. I mean, where on earth will the weekend go from there? Only a fool would dare to dream. 

Time of my fucking life! 

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Dear diary
I woke up this morning with a big headache. I took some Tylenol extra strength to try and get rid of it. Head really hurts. How I wish I could feel so better! When will this Tylenol work?
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Dear diary,

I've not been here for a while, but I finally ran out of favors so now I have to talk with you about my day again. I read a thing the other day that drinking more than one energy drink is bad for you, so I drank three. Fuck things, they shouldn't tell me how to live my life.

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Got up, was pestered by hungry cats for food I have not bought. Looks like my morning will be spent doing shopping I hadn't planned on.

Sometimes, the days turn out to be filled with such excitement. I care barely contain myself.

God speed John Glenn.

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Dear diary,

Today I went to get my 5th temps license. I have managed to pass the test every time without sitting down and studying once. Also a couple days ago I got my first set of invisalign.
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Dear Diary, 

I am excited about today because I have a bag of flipz in my desk hidden from husbando and I will feast upon them once I wake up a bit and I will not share so we gotta be a shhh about the secret food because I don't wanna share god damn it. 



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Dear Diary

Today is Monday. I have an inbox with 180+ unread messages, 15 missed calls on teams & 7 voicemails. I am never having a week off work again. Is FML still a thing? If so FML...

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Dear Diary,

Today is the first day i have to work again after 3 weeks of vacation time so it sucks.
Just arrived at the job and started with a few cups of coffee.
Now its time to turn on the machine again and start to earn money again for the Boss man.

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Dear diary

I wrote a poem

Today is not yesterday
Today is not tomorrow
Today is today
Remember that and you will embrace to love on the now
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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Today was a great day. It was calm at work, not many phone calls, which is rare. I hope tomorrow still like this, without major problems to solve.

Almost calling it Friday!!!

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I went dancing last night. There was a mysterious woman at the bar, place, thing. She was a very classy lady, she made m,e a drink and encouraged me to dance to the band. So I danced, showed them all a thing or two. Needless to say Kinky John has a wide variety of incredible moves. The lady was clearly smitten. Why wouldn't she be? Kinky John brings electricity to any dancefloor.

I did the jitterbug like she'd never seen. After she told me the band hadn't finished setting up yet. I said I don't know man, I just hear music in everything. I can't remember the rest of the night, must have been incredible.

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Leftover fill the top of the refrigerator
The Mayo jar is empty
A six pack of rolling rocks
A red Bull and monster
Some many hot sauces in one area
Gods know I love them all
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Dear diary
Top of the morning to you!

I woke up this morning I got myself a beer. The future is uncertain and is always there.

I will I ran so far away I’m wrong I lost too
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Dear Diary,

Today has been one of those days, started out good, then went to hell, now it's on an uphill climb thankfully. Hoping tomorrow is better than today. 

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Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning to my children squabbling over toast, again. Who is to get the toaster first! A lot of wrongs in the world and I had to educate them that it's not a world crisis and the result will end up the same. They both get toast for breakfast. If only they could see they both could make it at the same time.. toaster is big enough. But no they wanted a war over toast. Peace has since ensued with promise to work it together form now on.

I may sound like I am having a whine myself. I am not. I just wish, as an adult that's all that is is wrong with the planet. A couple of pre teens fighting over a toaster. If only!

Speak soon, Dai.

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Dear diary,


It has been a nice week in the field. We were lucky with the weather, no rain. Had a great time, although I prefer my own bed. But now, I'm glad I'm home. So tired... perhaps I will head in early tonight.

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