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Dec 03 - 18:16:02
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Diary Started by: EdisonByers on Feb 02, '21 21:25

Dear Diary,


Brutus has slacked for days. It might be time to let that old dog rest.  He walked around the living room yelling about having drove 800 miles.  Poor thing might have heat stroke. It is a very sad day in Philly.

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Dear Diary,

We really should stop meeting like this.  :P

Anyway, today is only Tuesday and with the work week I've had already, it feel like it should be Friday.  Hoping the remaining days go a lot smoother than these past few.  

Until the next time.....


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Dear diary,
Today im feeling like shit. I've had a long ass day at work which was crowded with idiot customers. Very stressful.
I got off the bus and went to the store to stock up on cigarettes, bought 6 packs. Then, since i was stressed, i went to my friend's pub (close to my house) and decided to drink a beer alone in peace.
Then some people i know arrived and spoiled it and sat on my table and started talking to me, I WANTED TO BE ALONE.
So i drank my beer in one gulp and left with a stupid excuse.
Theres a church on the way home and they were selling this wonderful dinner, so i bought it and ate at home.
Im feeling like shit cause i wanted to be alone and drink my motherfucking beer in peace, looking at the cars pass by.
Gonna sleep still stressed.
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dear diary

my boss who i spent all day monday together with just said she probably has covid, and i've been sick since last night but it probably didn't incubate that quickly right :c anyway i hope she doesnt have it cos i've been swabbed about 8 times now and i dont wanna get swabbed again lol

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Dear Diary,

I am only here because my last post was not long enough to please the hustle gods, and it annoys me so I have come to vent to you.

This is utter bullshgit. Thank you for listening

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Dear diary.
There she is looks so cute. Showing off her panties. . She is so hot. Scary looking. So prime and proper. So happy and cute. So much for a hidden treasure. So wishful for someone to be her bo so hot so cute. Oh no. Not again. No this can’t be another dream. What’s your name. Help. Buzzed going off again
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Dear Diary.

Work is up and down.  Never know any more if you work a full day or not.  So today, we are told a few auto plants are going down yet again for another week due to the chip I am hearing. And yep. They are asking for voluntary layoffs for supposedly 1 week.  So we shall see. A whole week off will be much better than working anywhere from 2-4 hrs short a day and never knowing from one day to the next.  I sure hope this world gets back to where it once was.  This is freaking crazy everyone being out of things.  

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Dear Diary, 

It is my week off from work, so I am really bored! It's annoying that I keep waking up super early on week off. I might head to the gym shortly to kill some time. 



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Dear diary, I was rudely awoken at 3 am by what sounded like bombs going off. I think some teenagers decided to let off some fireworks and that reminded me I don’t like teenagers. They’re kinda rude. Kinda annoying. Kinda wanna scream at them and throw garbage at them. It’s also not the smartest thing to disturb the people in my area while they’re sleeping. These teens are not too bright. 

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dear diary,

im here drunk its father's day here so me and dad drank like old cars, A LOT OF GASOLINE LOL

i dont know what to say really 

i have a crush on this girl here but my frtiends wont approve so ill just have a crush on GOKU and his mowahawk thats ok

thats it nothing left to say im listening to asking alexandria and being emo all over again this past few days

bai cya lata

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Dear Diary, 

I'm going into the office today and I'm supposed to be leaving in 30 minutes. Instead I'm sat here doing fuck all while I try to wake up. Whoops. 

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Dear diary I need to win the lotto so I can move far away. I want to live my best life and find out for myself if money can buy happiness. I’m certain it would make my life less stressful but maybe I’d be wrong. I’d be willing to risk it for the biscuit.
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Dear diary 

i just got a full load of drugs at a low price and sold it for x3 from the price that i got it 

the end me........

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Hello diary
I started this day in bed. Tired as I wake up. Sleep is what I need. Sleep. Time takes it away from me. I need more sleep. It’s crazy to wake up tired. It’s bullshit in my opinion. But what do I know. Now that I’m awake I miss sleep more and more. I will come back to you soon sleep. It might that 12-15 hours. But I’ll be back.
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Dear Diary,

Day has been frustrating so far. Internet was broken for hours. It was stressful because I was starting to think it was my computer. I spent so much time trying to fix it. I finally call IT bro and he said oh yeah, lots of people are having issues, maybe I should reset it. You think?! Anyway, all reset, up and running. Such a massive waste of my time.

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Dear Diary,

I wish I could remove August from the calendar. This month is boring and slow and way too hot. I wish we could go from July weather to September weather and skip August all together. I don't mind heat, but extreme heat is definitely not for me.

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Dear diary,

I feel much better today, so I think all those people scaring me with covid were wrong. I do hope it will be sunny at least 2 more days this summer cause I want to go to the beach again.

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Dear Diary, 

I would like to thank the fucking men in the van who parked under my bedroom window this morning at 7:30 and started fucking around with a large metal ladder and several power tools. Waking up before 8am on my day off was EXACTLY what I wanted to do today, how did you know? 

You god damn peices of absolute dog shit covered in mold. 



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Hello diary.

Happy Friday. Time for drinks at the bar. Going out to the city I think the game should be on. I hope my team wins! I really enjoy. Last night was a tough loss. First drink tonight will be for last night. When you make a comeback in the top of the ninth Your on top of the world. Then only to lose in the bottom of the ninth. Not a good loss at all. We need to start a win streak
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Today i came back home from vacations which isn't bad but coming next week, work starts again and that's just terrible. 

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